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Saudi arms deal ‘not easy to break like a Treaty with First Nations’: Trudeau

Satire...but not by much...? :?

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said getting out of a controversial arms deal with Saudi Arabia isn’t easy because it’s a ‘difficult contract.’

“Our hands are tied here,” Trudeau told reporters.

“This Saudi arms deal is not easy to break like a Treaty with First Nations.”

Trudeau also said it’s incredibly frustrating for the Liberal government and not unlike a recent situation where they were able to write off a multi-billion dollar loan to the auto industry yet can’t scrape up a few million to fix water problems in First Nations communities or provide equitable funding for FIrst Nations children.

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This paper may be an Indigenous equivalent of The Onion and The Beaverton, but it's still worth posting this because it's probably just a step behind reality.

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Walking Eagle News is one of my favourite satire sites.