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The Ossington Circle -?Episode 15: Ukraine, Russophobia and Canada with Halyna Mokrushyna (podcast)


"In this episode, Ukrainian-Canadian academic Halyna Mokrushyna discusses the conflict in Ukraine, Russia and Russophobia, and the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada."


Russia Seeks International Arrest Warrant For Former Ukraine PM, Reported to Now Hold Canadian Citizenship ?- ?by David Climenhaga


"No one in Canada's mainstream media appears to have followed up on the original reports Yatsenyuk and his family were given Canadian citizenship, although perhaps they should be now if the situation is going to involve Canada in an extradition battle with Russia."


Chrystia Freeland's Family Lie Grows Bigger...


"The newly disclosed documents expose Freeland's repeated lying that Chomiak had been a victim of WWII, an unwilling journalist..."


Gorilla Radio: CFUV FM 102


Chris cook interviews John Helmer on Chrystia Freeland @ 37:25


Atlantic Council of New York Toasts Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau With Ukrainian Vodka Boosted By the Canadian and US Governments - But Is That The Pravy Sektor Banner Flying On The Bottle?? ? -? ? by John Helmer



Justin Trudeau Backs UN Peacekeeping Mission in Ukraine...


"Trudeau was asked if he had considered taking Ukraine off the list of countries Canadian military contractors are not allowed to sell weapons to. 'Absolutely we are very much..."

Given Canada's clear bias in favour of the installed Nazi oligarchy in Kiev, one assumes CF participation in any 'peacekeeping' operation would necessarily be a non-starter.


Canada and Ukraine Are Discussing Joint Arms Manufacturing As Canada Lifts Sales Restrictions


Yes, more?arms for?Nazi Ukraine. Good job Canada!


Ug, despicable.

"“Now when it comes to weapons systems and lethality, it can’t be looked at in that manner. We have to look at it in terms of any type of system that you provide, you have to look at what type of capacity is needed to be able to use it as well. So, we’re looking at a much more thorough plan of helping the Ukrainian armed forces to be able to modernize with their command and control structure, their sustainment system as well. So, our discussion is not just strictly about a shopping list of systems. It’s about building the capacity.”



Canada Follows Trump-Led US With New Sanctions Against Russia In Own 'Magnitsky Act'? ?-? ?by Roger Annis

https://www.newcoldwar.org/canada-follows-trump-led-u-s-with-new-sanctio... -magnitsky-act/

"The Canadian Parliament has approved a 'Magnitsky Act' for Canada. Bill S-226 was approved unanimously on October4, 2017. Passage of the bill went unnoticed and unreported in left-wing press in Canada and largely unreported in mainstream media..."


More Drumbeat For Western Military Intervention Into Ukraine Under The Guise of 'Peacekeeping'? - By Roger Annis


"Front-page article in Canadian daily voices call for 'peacekeeping' military intervention into eastern Ukraine, ignores UN Security Council's resolution backing 2015 'Minsk-2' ceasefire and political agreement. The latest instalment of media obfuscation of Minsk-2 is to make it 'disappear'. A front-page article in Canada's Globe and Mail on November 9 performs such an act. The 13-part text of the Minsk-2 agreement can be read here..."


On Target: Canada Drawn Into The Puzzling Politics of Ukraine? - by Scott Taylor


"...While Freeland purports to support the people of Ukraine, it must be noted that Poroshenko presently has just a two-per-cent approval rating; allowing for a margin of error, this equals to zero. Then there is Saakashvili, who is presenting himself as his adopted country's anti-corruption saviour, while unable to return to his own country where he is himself wanted for corruption. And somehow this is all Russian President Putin's fault?"


Kiev Hails US and Canada For Greenlighting Lethal Arms Supplies That Could Kill Ukraine Peace Process


"By including Ukraine on the list of countries approved for lethal weapons sales, Canada has become a side in a bloody civil war, undermining a shaky peace process, a senior Russian senator said, as Ukraine's President Petro Poroshenko applauded the move. 'As it was agreed, the United States authorized sending assistance for our country and Canada included Ukraine into the Automatic Firearms Country Control List. The door to enhanced defense assistance for Ukraine has been opened.'

This makes Canada a party to the conflict, says Frank Klintsevich. 'A very dangerous precedent has been created. Effectively Canada has become a party to the internal Ukrainian conflict with all ensuing consequences. And this, above all, means that it assumes responsibility for the actions of the Ukrainian forces trained by Canadian instructors and equipped with Canadian weapons..."



Canadian Arms Makers Get OK To Sell To Ukraine


"The Liberal cabinet has given the green light for Canadian defence contractors to sell weapons to Ukraine in a watershed decision which a senior official of that country hopes will influence the Trump administration to follow suit. The decision was made on Nov 23, according to a cabinet order posted online. It was released publicly on Wednesday, as the House of Commons prepared to rise for Christmas break.? The move puts Canada out ahead of the United States which has been considering its own weapons sales.

In a statement, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said the decision reflects closer ties between Canada and Ukraine. Both Project Ploughshares and Amnesty International Canada opposed the plan..."


UCC Welcomes Addition of Ukraine to the AFCCL


"The Honourable Chrystia Freeland, Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, stated I'm delighted to make this announcement today. The addition of Ukraine to the AFCCL reflects the close ties our countries share. Canada and Canadians will continue to stand with the people of Ukraine and support Ukraine's territorial integrity and sovereignty."


Canada Takes Initiative Among NATO Countries in Deciding To Provide Heavy Weapons To Ukraine


"The decision by Washington's junior partner in Ottawa is a blow to human rights organizations and others in the US and internationally who argue that increasing the arms flow to the regime in Kiev will only escalate Ukraine's violence against the people's republics of Donetsk and Lugansk in eastern Ukraine. Minsk-2 was endorsed by the UN Security Council on Feb. 17, 2015: That shows the regard which NATO members such as the US and Canada attach to that world body..."

Canada will also now likely be able to source US weapons, such as Javelin anti-tank weapons on Ukraine's behalf.



On Target: Exports of Arms To Ukraine 'Scary'? -? by Scott Taylor


"...Not that long ago we prided ourselves as being the world's peacekeepers, and now we are actually in violation of the internationally brokered Minsk II treaty which prohibits the military escalation in the frozen Ukraine conflict. Freeland is rushing in where even Donald Trump fears to tread. That is scary."


UCC Welcomes Expansion of Canada's Military Training in Ukraine


"Canadian Armed Forces to train battalion-sized unit for first time in Ukraine..."


Canadian Arms Manufacturer Hopes To Sell [100,000] Assault Rifles To Ukraine? ?-? ?by David Pugliese


"Colt Canada of Kitchener Ont., is chasing a deal that could see Ukraine order up to 100,000 rifles. Ukraine is also interested in acquiring other military equipment, such as anti-tank weapons from both Canada and the US..."


Why Canada Defends Ukrainian Fascism


"...Our government is supporting a violent, racist regine in Kiev directly descended from that very one against which Canada and its allies fought during World War II."?


Wouldn't "ultra-nationalist" be closer than "Nazi".? Thanks for the great links


Hi Rikardo, works for me. Here's an example...



PM Trudeau: Condemn Fascist Violence in Ukraine Against Petro Simonenko and the CPU


"The attack on Petro Simonenko and the CPU is the latest in a long series of violent attacks on the Communist Party of Ukraine, its leaders and members, and is part of the Ukrainian government's goal to obliterate the labour, democratic, civil, social and political rights of the Ukrainian people.

The role of the Canadian government and of Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland in particular in protecting and denying these massive attacks by the fascist government of Ukraine via a massive public disiformation campaign is disgraceful..."

Azov: Canada Trains??NATO-Nazis in Ukraine



Gorilla Radio: Roger Annis on Ukraine (podcast)


"A continuing, constant low intensity war, Canadian participation and media coverup..."


Fog of War? Ottawa Won't Say Whether Canadian-Made Arms Have Been Exported to Ukraine


"...For reasons of commercial confidentiality, the department does not comment on any applications for export permits. Freeland's decision to add Ukraine to the firearms control list was greeted with applause from Kyiv, which has long lobbied for military assistance from Canada and the West."


Canadian Government Comes To The Defence of Nazi SS and Nazi Collaborators But Why?


"In late April more than 50 members of the US Congress condemned the government of Ukraine's ongoing efforts to glorify 'Nazi collaborators'. Contrast that to how the Canadian government handled a related issue last year..."


Group With Neo-Nazi Ties Still Fighting on the Frontlines of Ukraine War


"Western nations, such as the US and Canada, recently permitted the sale of lethal weapons to Ukraine - including javelin anti-tank weapons, which Russia has taken extreme exception to. The Canadian government did not address the continuing combat role of Right Sector. 'Canada is unwavering in its support for Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity."

See #28


"Oh Canada? CBC RadioCanada on monument in Canada to anti-Soviet Nazi collaborator Roman Shukhevych, who is currently glorified by Govt in Ukraine.?Fascinating how former OUN-UPA immigrants established lobbying orgs in Canada which now have much love for Bandera et al"


And with one of their own as Foreign Minister...


From Porky P on Canada Day (and vid)


"Canada is the country most like Ukraine." - P. Poroshenko: President,?Oligarch, Billionaire, CIA asset, recipient of $1b CAD 'aid' and 'loans', CF troops and weaponry. 'Friend' of Chrystia.

Mr. Magoo Mr. Magoo's picture

From Porky P

What does "Porky P" mean?

Is he overweight?


Petro Poroshenko: 'Porky' to his friends. Probably eats too much chocolate.


Why is Justin Trudeau's Military Attache in Ukraine Meeting With A Nazi Militia?



Because they can.?



"Israel is arming neo-nazi's in Ukraine".

And why exactly woudl Israel do that?



Why dont you make an effort to find out? Call or email the Israeli embassy/consulate and?ask? Then call? your MP to ask JT or Sajjan why the military attache is meeting with them. There you go - easy/peasy.


NDPP wrote:

Why dont you make an effort to find out? Call or email the Israeli embassy/consulate and?ask? Then call? your MP to ask JT or Sajjan why the military attache is meeting with them. There you go - easy/peasy.


How's this for an email to the embassy.

To whom it may concern.

The pro-Palistine Twitter account Electronic Intifada says that Israel is arming neo-nazis in Ukraine. I'm sure you'll understand my confusion as why you're giving them weapons. Hasn't anyone considered the neo NAZIs might use these weapons against Israel?!? Please explain immediately.


As for the meeting, I'd sooner ask the MND why we gave Ukraine (30'000) uniforms and hundreds of sleeping bags when our own soldiers are going without, even though it was under the conservatives and not him.



"For Justin Trudeau it's fine to train literal Hitlerite Nazis just as long as you can insert the word 'diverse' somewhere."



Right-Wing Fascist-Supporting Tilt Among Canada's NDP


"...Over the past four years, the NDP has backed a coup in Kiev, war in eastern Ukraine and NATO military build up in Eastern Europe. Is this really in Canada's interest? And why is the NDP enabling the agenda of extreme right forces."


"Ukrainian snipers are being trained by Canadian military as part of Op UNIFIER and it looks like they'll soon be equipped with Canadian sniper rifles."



Ukraine Military To Get Canadian-Made .50 Calibre Sniper Rifles


"Global Affairs Canada has declined to provide any details, stating it must protect the commercial interests of the firm involved. But the office of Conservative defence critic James Bezan noted that Global Affairs Canada approved the sale last week. In February, 2016, PGW was in the news when it emerged that its LRT-3 .50 calibre rifles, sold to SAUDI ARABIA, had ended up in the hands of Houthi rebels.

In December 2017, the House of Commons defence committee recommended the Canadian government provide lethal weapons to Ukraine provided it demonstrates it is actively working to eliminate corruption at all levels of government. [LOL!]? But Peggy Mason, a former disarmament ambassador to the UN and a security advisor to the Mulroney government told the committee that providing lethal weapons to Ukraine could prompt 'escalatory actions'..."


Ukraine's Nazi Airborne


"Chrystia Freeland and the Canadian military continue to lavish support on a Ukrainian regime that is infested with Nazis."