UFCW Local 401 November 23
There is truly strength in numbers and as a result of this vote, UFCW 401 now boasts an impressive 32,000 members throughout 18 cities and towns, including a number of camps in the north.
Fair Vote Canada November 23
Fair Vote Canada
On October 4th, the British Columbia NDP announced that in the fall of 2018, British Columbia voters will be voting in a referendum on proportional representation. Get involved.
Food Secure Canada November 17
The Liberal government continues to use a technocratic definition of innovation. Real change demands a deeper understanding of innovation and real investment in food policy.
United Food and Commercial Workers November 17
UFCW joined labour activists at a public hearing on the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act (2017), to demand card-check certification, automatic first contract arbitration, and pay equity for all.
United Steelworkers November 17
The United Steelworkers says coal workers, their families and communities must come first as the Government of Alberta releases the final recommendations of its Advisory Panel on Coal Communities.
Socialist Worker November 7
The promise of the Russian Revolution--its example of mass democracy in action, reaching into every corner of society--shows its relevance for us 100 years later.
Toronto & York Region Labour Council November 7
Toronto &  York Region Labour Council
In early in 2018, Bill 148 will become law. When it does, unions and workers will suddenly have a new set of tools to use for organizing. Here is more about what it means.
National Union of Public and General Employees November 7
National Union of Public and General Employees
When well-connected political figures are linked to tax havens, people are right to be worried about whether the federal government is serious about cracking down on their use” said Larry Brown, NUPGE
Canadians for Tax Fairness November 2
Canadians for Tax Fairness
Canadians for Tax Fairness has submitted a brief to the House of Commons Finance Committee for their Pre-Budget Consultations that identified some ways the government could raise over $23 billion.
Ontario Health Coalition November 2
Ontario Health Coalition
One-fourth of the hospital money announced today was already announced and the announced beds are temporary and few. Meanwhile government continues to move capacity to private for-profit facilities.
Mining Watch November 2
"Canadian companies are killing Mexican communities," recounted Gustavo Lozano from the Mexican Network of Mining Affected People.
Public Service Alliance of Canada October 31
“PSAC is seeking compensation for our members,” said PSAC National President Robyn Benson.
Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions October 31
The CNFU applauds the passage of an amendment to Nova Scotia’s Workers’ Compensation Act to include presumptive coverage for nurses and other emergency response workers who are diagnosed with PTSD.
Canadian Labour Congress October 26
The Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) says the Quebec government’s new legislation on religious neutrality is clearly discriminatory and puts workers in an untenable situation.
OSSTF Press Release October 26
“It is regrettable that the government, school boards, and other employers still under-appreciate and undervalue the work of early childhood educators and child care workers" said Harvey Bishoff.
Canadian Union of Public Employees October 24
Despite their election promise to ensure safety of all Canadians as a top priority’, Minister Garneau now says that his government has no intention to revise the 1:50 flight attendant-passenger ratio.
United Steelworkers October 24
The 10 counselling staff at the Sudbury Counselling Centre, all women, are on strike. Working at a charitable non-profit centre is by no means highly paid, but it’s not about the money.
Unifor October 24
Unifor is making its voice heard at the talks to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement. Read the joint statement by UAW and Unifor on this site dedicated to the NAFTA re-negotiation.
Canadian Health Coalition October 18
As Health Ministers from across Canada meet in Edmonton today, Canada's Health Coalitions released a report showing what the bilateral health schemes pushed through by the Trudeau government have cost
Fair Vote Canada October 18
Fair Vote Canada
Fair Vote Canada and Democracy Watch jointly demand that the Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner, Mary Dawson, investigate Prime Minister Trudeau’s actions concerning electoral reform.
Food Secure Canada October 18
In the past few months, FSC has been busy talking with members and other food-system stakeholders, helping to set the stage for a food policy for Canada. Read the documents from the campaign here.
Socialist Worker October 17
A right wing emboldened by the Trump presidency is behind the increasing attacks on left-wing faculty and students' right to protest. This challenge can't go unanswered.
Canadian Worker Co-operative Federation October 12
The world needs workplace democracy now more than ever; it needs people and planet before profits. Come to our Conference to help us map out these radical routes, to build this new and better world.
Canadian Health Coalition October 12
A single-payer, national public drug plan will realise the greatest cost savings for everyone, create equal access to medicine across the country, and help build comprehensive public health care.
Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario October 10
In August, ETFO passed a series of motions at its Annual Meeting that call on the government to take action in elementary schools, which are least likely to be air conditioned.
Canadian Union of Postal Workers October 10
All the groups that support the Cuban people are calling for financial support to help with the reconstruction of the country. CUPW joins the the call issued by the Canadian Network on Cuba.
Hospital Employees' Union October 10
B.C.’s Seniors Advocate is calling for higher staffing levels in residential care facilities after releasing the results of a ground-breaking survey of care home residents and their families.
Canadian Labour Congress October 6
October 7, 2017 will mark the 10th anniversary of the World Day for Decent Work, a day when unions around the world unite in action for decent work.
Canadians for Tax Fairness September 26
Canadians for Tax Fairness
The small but very vocal misinformation campaign threatens to scare the government out of taking this modest, but important step towards building a fairer tax system. Speak up for fairness.
Canadian Health Coalition September 26
To ensure the safety and security of Canada’s plasma supply, we must support CBS’ non-profit, voluntary donor system. Currently, we only have 7 voluntary donor plasma collection sites in all of Canada